Multi-Account Management

Glopts provides clients with two multi-account management systems:MAM and MultiTerminal.

Convenient for traders to trade for their own multiple clients at the same time

MultiTerminal Advantages:

1. Manage more than 100 accounts

2. Start in one step

3. Investor's detailed report

4. Absolute safety

5. Easy to control

Application conditions:There is no threshold to apply, just click the download window below, one-click installation, you can use it.

MAM Advantages:

1. Multiple trading accounts can be added at the same time

2. A variety of trading lot distribution models are available

3. Excellent execution ability, immediately allocate orders to sub-accounts

4. All orders are executed at the same time and the same price

5. Powerful order management function

6. Support intelligent trading

7. Advanced back-end multi-account management

Application conditions:The application needs to reach the deposit threshold, please contact Customer Service for more details.

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminalThe trading platform is designed for managing multiple trading accounts in real-time at the same time. Its trading function is the same as MT4, but it can also manage multiple accounts simultaneously. You can allocate according to the proportion of each lot, equal distribution, or according to the free margin ratio, or according to the total trading volume of each order and the preset trading volume.

It is ideal for clients who manage multiple accounts at the same time. The platform allows the trading volume to be distributed across accounts so that each order can reach the desired trading volume. Clients can distribute trading volume equally or according to the proportion of funds.

MAMThat is, the multi-account management system account is equivalent to a master account. There are several following accounts below. They are independent of each other and can be regarded as a form of copy trading.

Investors only need to enter the total number of trading lot, and the system will execute the trades according to the allocation method selected by the investor, and automatically allocate the trading lot to different individual investor. With a single trading account, account managers can quickly, efficiently, and accurately trade for multiple investors.

There are generally four ways to place orders, and each order is equivalent to the total trading volume, equal shares, net value ratio, and available margin ratio.

Risk warning: Forex and CFD products have market risks, and leverage products may not be suitable for all clients. Please read our risk statement.